Our landbased product supports several valuable operative and strategic business processes according to our customer’s demands considering as well local and global regulative requirements. All the mentioned product features respectively modules can be combined and configured according to present and future specifications and customers’ demands. Vnet’s system facilitates the integration of Electronic Gaming Machines or Video Lottery Terminals of a high variety of different, business-proven manufacturers.


We are focussing on software solutions for our customers. Based on this mission the qualified system hardware components are well selected, verified and tested off-the-shelf products.

  • Video Lottery System | GLI certified

The Video Lottery System, allows the flawless integration and accounting of Video Lottery Terminals from different manufacturers fed by a certified integrated Random Number Generator.

  • Casino Management System | GLI certified

Our Casino Management System supports the operator with easy handling and high reliability in operation and accounting.

  • Lotto

The Lotto System is highly configurable and is able to be adjusted to current individual game rules and existing procedures in your region or country.

  • Web Reporting and Management Tool

The user-friendly, highly flexible and scalable reporting and management tool, named Web Reporting and Management Interface (WRMI) is based on latest web technologies and can be adjusted perfectly to meet specific operator needs and regulative requirements. In enables the customer to manage selected operational characteristics far beyond simple reporting.

  • Monitoring

Additionally to the basic functions of our product we offer a centralized and customizable monitoring tool.

  • Jackpot

VNet’s Jackpot functionality (based on Mystery Progressive Concept) is fully configurable to customers’ needs.

  • Cashless Gaming

Vnets’ System serves the need of a Wide Area / Local Ticket System (Ticket In / Ticket Out), a Card – Based Cashless System or the Integration of a Cash Handling /Redemption Terminal.


  • Austria – AT (2010)
  • Slovakia – SK (2011)
  • Georgia – GE (2012)
  • Romania – RO (2013)
  • Republica Srpska – RS (2015)
  • Netherlands – NL (2016)
  • Zambia – ZAM (2017)
  • Moldova – MD (2018)


Vnet Services is founded in 2010 by a small core team with the major objective to develop a streamlined and reliable product for the Gaming Industry which guarantees an appropriate level of flexibility and ensures the highest data security and integrity for the operator, governmental organizations and the player. Our reference customers are the best example for the successfully achievement of this goals. Our state-of-the-art products provide extended functionality paired with reliable figures, nevertheless it is still configurable according to customers’ requirements and demands. Within 9 years the company has experienced a constant growth and extended business units from merely Land-Based services to Online and Sportsbetting services, as well as high quality software testing and pre-certification check-ups.